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Couldn't avoid being tagged XD (being tagged is my speciallity)
eating at Macdonald and writing this at 9 pm....(it's just my typical dinner)
Alright^^ let's go~  tagged by :iconabstractholly: 
  Rules: (whuuuut?? BLASPHEMY!!)

Write 13 things about yourself
Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged
Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this"
It is forbidden not to tag anyone
Tag backs are allowed
If don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you!


1. Where you froooom?
2. Do you identify with inanimate objects?
3. Dead meme that you still love?
4. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? (+1)
5. What social media are you on the most?
6. Are online friends real friends?
7. Give me a character you identify with!
8. What's been your worst online experience?
9. Do you crack up when someone says 'Willy'?
10. Name a person (friend, enemy, celebrity, donald trump) that you would slap
11. Dont answer this question : ^)
12. Would u eat Andrew Hussie's ass for $1,000,000?
13. Would u sell my soul to satan 4 one corn chip?????

well... 13 things about myself When The Cringe Is Too Strong geez...
 1. I'm kind of shy... ( Not with my friends though, Because they're the one that i could trust with^^)

 2. I had ADHD when i was young.. (Oh, the time of madness, The catastrophy XD)

 3. I wasn't happy when i was in elementry/middle school

 4. If i had a shell big enough right now, I would want to hide in there 

 5. I looooove surprises XD (unexpectable outcome might follow)

 6. I like consuming caffeins (OMG I'm Super Dang High right nowOH YHEAHH~!)

 7. I love cute things (Nosebleed heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh~)

 8. Could people be smart and stupid at same time? Cause I am (I'm smart at being stupid)Psyco 

 9. I dig into stuff that i find interest in ( so far, I ve been digging in paper aircraft, pen doodling, and drawing animations^^)

10.I really care for my friends even if they don't feel it...

11.If you're sad and if you want,come talk to me .. I'll listen to your problems and will try to help and give comfort^^

12.I love chating, talking but currently, because of College, I'm not able to chat as i did before Stress 
      (if i start chating, It might go on about 30min~2hr So beware XD)

13. I love most people.. I really do ^^
     But not arrogant types.. I do not like them because arrogance is the sign of weakness, 
     And this behavior is also killing the possibility to improve into something more greater..

The Answer...(Oh noe... I sense whole lot of troubles XD )

1. I'm from Republic of South Korea! (But i don't care about nationality)La la la (FReeedom!!)
    My mental state though... i'm not so sure..

2. Sure I do XD (or do I?...)

3. is Rageman dead yet? I love Wow guy and Maiyahi songs too Onionhead isolated - Onion head

4. Nooooooo don't take my rice shaped doll away!!! it has souls too!! Onionhead buaaaa - Onion head (yup. definitely sign of madness..)

5. You could find me lurking in the Tweeter, but i Prefer DeviantArt XD Smarty hu
     I'm semi-online person so if you comment me, you have a high possibility of getting the answer in about 10 min period

6. I make friends after i talk with them about 4~5 times... in that time, I'm able to reconstruct 60% that person's personal^^
    That sounds weird... But i don't like to judge people and I respect their customs ..So.. yeah! 
    (I don't have many offline friends but they are... quite close to me )

7. I have my OC Pseudo-angel..Does that count? (he is the almost exact replica of me in internal system lol)

8. I haven't felt one yet, but speaking of online problems, I was addicted to Flash GAmes (whut???)Muajajaja..How funny..Onion 
    I don't regret it because that was one of the first motivation i had about Digital arts XD
    I wanted to become like the Designer of the game that i loved XD

9. Blimy. Smile 

10. Slapp? Why? Instead, I prefer the term: Influencing someone with kinetic energy (: D)
      I want to give Kinetic energy to EVEryOnE XD

11. why? Come on I Dare you to ask me XD

12. Whats that??? Confused... (would do it if best friend tells me to do it lol)

13. It depends on the size of the bag (reversed engineered trolling:icontrollfaceplz:lol)

Curse thy ones who dare interrupt me sleep Onion 
comment on this and you'll have to do it...(BEWARE..There's always a third way to get out though..Impress me by finding how XD)
I specially tag you :iconabstractholly:  Feel my Wrath(?)Abois happy onion 
(it took me 2hr to type and edit this thing for more ..hmmm."get to know you better" schemes)

My question...

1. tell me your most top 5 embarrassing moment (this is a good start XD)

2. do you drink? if you do, how often? And also, what do you drink?

3. how is your lifestyle? 

4. why did you tagged me/ or chose to be tagged by me?

5. what motivates you to draw?

6. are you socially extrovert? or introvert? and could you tell me your society's(?) enviroments

7. lucky seven. do you agree? And if you think so, may i ask why? Also i will ask why if you don't agree.

8. What triggers you?Expulsion..Onion 

9. Say..... What do you think is cool? Dandy onion 

10. do you play Pokemon Go?

11. if you get hypnotized, what may be the possible outcome of your actions?

12. what's your favorite food?

13. how long did it for you to write this down?Irritating..Onion lol
Tagged. By :iconcolorfulkitten: 
Comment. And i ll tell you this knowledge (?)
1. Look at your DA for 20 seconds. And tell you what i ve learned.
2. Tell you a color which i think is you.
3. Tell you a element i personally think which you belongs.
4. Ask you a question. You must answer.
5. The good point of your artstyle.
6. The type of animal which you reminds me of.
7. Make you A nickname.
8. Tell you what im listening.or watching.
9. Tell you what type of nutrition (food) you reminds me of..
0. TELL YOU TO POST THIS. XD (let the fun of tagging...Begins!!) 

If you ve already done it.. You don t have to post it ^^
I thought I was spamming my friends with so many unfinished art,
so I decided to create a Pseudo lab for uploading my unfinshed Arts..
It's kinda like a Lab, testing and analizing drawing style...
But that doesn't mean I'll quit uploading art on here^^
Only the art that's finished will be uploaded on here from now on..
also, At my third account, AspinC, I will try to develop background theme and practice coloring of the art.
This account was created a long ago, but I forgot to use it (sry)

:iconpseudo-lab: this is the lab which you can find Wip,Ideas and more!!
:iconaspinc: this is where you can see the upgrade of the background theme.
can you tell me some?
FinallY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!             WhoooooooooooooooH000000000000000000000000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finished this XXXXXXXXXXing EXam!!!!!!!!!!!
Gah!!!!!!!!!!!! For K'Tun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XD i'll draw a fan art for the one who guess my score right on final exam that is held on 3 day-time!!

Wish me luck^^ bye for now I'll see you guys soon^^
Final exam is only 10 days away...
I'm kinda worried because this exam will have a great influence on choosing my university.
i'll be back soon^^ 

see you guys then~!
goodbye for now...
if you can.. can you leave some coments?
it's quite boring in here
i... feel quite loney.